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Patagonia is a geographic region that covers the southernmost portion of South America. The two rivers Rio Colorado in Argentina and Rio Bio Bio in Chile are considered the region’s northern border, and the Strait of Magellan its southern border. Patagonia is shared between Argentina and Chile. The southern part of the Patagonian Andes is covered by a huge ice cap year-round, known as the northern and southern Patagonian icefield (Campo de Hielo Norte y Sur). This immense ice cap is the largest connected ice field outside both pole areas. To the south, is the ‘pampa’ – a steppe (shrub and grassland) empire of an enormous size, while the heavy rainfalls to the west nurture a wide area of evergreen rain forests. The name Patagonia comes from the word “patagon” used by Fernando Magellan to describe the huge footprints of the Tehuelche Indians. This impressively wide and wind-burnt region with its richly colored pampa, its steeply rugged rock mountains and icy glaciers is definitely the “El Dorado” for every adventurer, hiker and nature lover.

Southern Patagonia:

This is an utterly unique region, where the dozens of glaciers of the Southern Patagonian Icefield welcome call to intrepid travelers. Join us on a Fitz Roy Range hiking trip and look out for hares, woodpeckers and a wealth of other bird and animal life. You’ll pass through ancient forests and wildflower-strewn meadows and alongside turquoise lakes nestled amid rocky peaks high above sea level. On multi-day Torres del Paine treks - the famous O Trek and W Trek - you can spot everything from condors to pumas, kayak across mirror-still, glacier-fed waters, hear the creaking movements of the vast Grey Glacier and wake up in campsites in some of the most naturally breathtaking mountain settings you’ve ever encountered.

But also the offbeat landscapes of Northern Patagonia offer just as many, if not more, possibilities for travelers!

Aysén: a paradise for outdoor adventurers & Carretera Austral: the ultimate road trip
We’ve crafted Northern Patagonian experiences that will allow you to be alone with this remarkable landscape. Find complete tranquility in secret valleys and beside silent glaciers, away from the hubbub of tourist centers. But there’s more to this region than peace and quiet. If you relish variety and love discovering the different sides to a destination that can be seen by kayak or raft, on horseback, by hiking or ice hiking, Northern Patagonia will blow your mind. Whether you’re hiking in the jagged shadow of Cerro Castillo’s snow-capped crests or taking on the Carretera Austral on a Jeep safari, each day you spend in the Aysén region will offer something totally new.