• Trekking group on the top of Cerro Toco

  • Church in the Andes Village Guallatiri

  • Trekking at Suri Plaza, Altiplano

  • Sunset Valle la Luna, Atacama Desert

  • Ascent Cerro Chiuana at Salar de Surire, Altiplano, Chile

  • Trekking Group in the Chilean Andes, Altiplano

Atacama Desert & Altiplano

13 day Trekking Adventure in the Andes of Northern Chile

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  • Admire the world's highest volcano lake, the Lago Chungará (4.570m /15,000 ft) in the Lauca National Park and then enjoy a typical Andean dish, llaita (seaweed) with goat cheese and potatoes
  • Visit the salt lake "Salar de Surire", observe flamencos and vizcachas and relax in the natural Polloquere hot springs
  • Climb the volcanoes Cerro Guane Guane (5.097m/16,720 ft) and Cerro Toco (5.604m/ 18,385 ft) in the middle of the Andean high desert
  • Experience the sunrise at the hissing and steaming Geyser El Tatio and enjoy the sunset in the colorful Valle de la Luna (Moon valley) in the worlds driest desert – the Atacama
  • Visit the former saltpeter mine Humberstone and explore the desert oasis San Pedro de Atacama

Insider Tip

  • Stroll to the harbor, watch pelicans and sealions and try fresh ceviche, a tasty raw fish dish, in one of Arica's tiny harbor restaurants



The Altiplano highlands and the Atacama Desert in Northern Chile rank among the most adventurous trekking destinations for hiking fans on the South American continent. Impressive volcanoes - most of them 6,000 m (19,685 ft) high, glistening salt lakes, colorful lagoons, steaming geysers and the driest desert on this planet define the Altiplano highlands and make them unique.

Join us on this unforgettable trekking trip and experience the most interesting contrasts between the barren and dry Atacama desert & the lush green Azapa- and Lluta-Valleys. Immerse into the world of the Aymara-Indigenous and follow the historical Ruta de La Plata (silver route). From a technical point of view, climbing the 5,000 m (16,400 ft) selected summits does not really create difficulties.


13 days from Arica / to Calama

  • 5 days guided treks
  • 2 x 5000 climbs
  • 11 nights hotel/guesthouse
  • 1 night refugio
  • 12x breakfast
  • 2x lunch box
  • 2x dinner

from 4.390 USD

Thank you for this outstanding adventure trip through the extreme north of Chile. Hard to say what we liked more. All in all, it was the diversity of the landscape, the culinary experience and the wonderful hiking tours and off-the-beaten-path treks in the Altiplano highlands & Atacama Desert that made this journey unique

Astrid & Thomas, Germany 

ITINERARY Atacama Desert & Altiplano Trekking

Day 1-3: Seaport Arica – Chinchorro mummies – Andes Village Putre

Day 1
Upon arrival at the airport of Arica we pick you up and bring you directly to your hotel where you have some time to refresh and relax or stroll through the little seaport to see the numerous pelicans and sea lions. Later on you meet with the group for a first briefing with your local team. Overnight: Hotel "Antay Hotel & Spa" in Arica in double room with private bathroom. (-/-/-)

Day 2
In the morning you walk with your guide up to “El Morro” lookout and to the “San Marcos Cathedral”, designed in France by Gustave Eiffel. In the afternoon you can go for an optional boat ride along the Pacific coast, where you will be able to observe a variety of marine fauna such as pelicans, sea gulls or even sea lions and dolphins. Overnight: Hotel "Antay Hotel & Spa" in Arica in double room with private bathroom.  (B/-/-)

Day 3
Today, you travel through the Azapa-Valley to visit the Azapa Museum in San Miguel. Here you can admire mummies and relics of the Chinchorro culture that are more than 7,000 years old. Later, you head for the idyllically situated Andes-village Putre at an elevation of 3,500 m (11,480 ft). On your way to Putre you stop at the viewpoint "Pucara de Copaquilla". Overnight: Hotel „Terrace Lodge“ (or similar) in Putre in double room with private bathroom at an elevation of 3,500 m (11,480 ft). (B/-/-)

Day 4-5: Trekking the Andes Highlands on old smuggler trails

Day 4
Your hike today will show you Putre’s surrounding area: the breathtaking landscape and Vilacaurani’s “Pinturas Rupestres” (rock paintings). See alpacas and lamas and get to know the typical local flora of this region. In the evening you can taste alpaca meat and quinoa at a typical local restaurant. Appr. walking time: 5-6 hours, elevation gain of approx. 400 m (1,310 ft) ascent and descent. Overnight: Hotel „Terrace Lodge“ (or similar) in Putre in double room with private bathroom. (B/-/-)

Day 5
After breakfast, a short transfer will bring you close to the Nevados de Putre mountains, on an elevation of 4,200 m (13,780 ft). You will hike back to Putre on a very old path which was used in the past by smugglers. After this trek through the breathtaking Altiplano scenery you deserve some time to relax. Appr. walking time: 4 hours, elevation gain of approx. 700 m (2,300 ft) descent. Overnight: Hotel „Terrace Lodge“ (or similar) in Putre in double room with private bathroom. (B/-/-)

Day 6-7: Suri Plaza & Mars Valley – Lago Chungará - Summit Cerro Guane Guane (5,097 m)

Day 6
Today after breakfast you head up to one of the Altiplano´s best kept secret, to Suri Plaza. After an hour and a half drive you arrive at the “Mars valley” - so called because of the deep reddish and orange sand and mountains around there. On this trekking tour you will hike up to an amazing viewpoint on the Cosapilla mountain ridge (5,100 m / 16,730 ft). From there you will gain an unforgettable view over the vast Suri Plaza mountains. A very emotional moment which leaves you speechless! After this hike you will drive to the picturesque village Parinacota at an elevation of 4,390 m (14,400 ft), well known for the little church. Appr. walking time: 2-3 hours, elevation gain of approx. 250 m (820 ft) ascent and descent.
In the afternoon you will drive through the Lauca National Park, UNESCO biosphere preserve that was founded in 1970. Passing the highest volcano-lake on earth – Lago Chungará (4,570 m / 15,000 ft), reflecting the two twin-volcanoes Parinacota (6,342 m / 20,810 ft) and Pomperape (6,282 m / 20,610 ft) magically on its water’s surface. Afterwards, you drive back to Pure. A delicious dinner will strengthen you for tomorrow's climb. 

Overnight: Hotel „Terrace Lodge“ (or similar) in Putre in double room with private bathroom. (B/-/D)

Day 7
Get up early in the morning and start your trekking trip to the top of Cerro Guane Guane (5,097 m / 16,720 ft). The incredible view from the summit onto the vast Altiplano with its olive-colored peatlands (Bofedales) and salty-white rimmed lagoons will reward you splendidly for the long way up. In good weather, you can even see Bolivia’s highest peak - the Sajama (6,520 m / 21,390 ft). You can find archaeological remains of the Aymara culture around the summit, proof of religious ceremonies dating back hundreds of years. Appr. walking time: 4 hours ascent and 2 hours descent, elevation gain of approx. 700 m (2,300 ft) ascent and descent.
In the afternoon drive to the picturesque village Guallatiri at an elevation of 4.280 m. Overnight: in the Refugio Guallatiri (or nearby) in shared bedrooms and shared bathrooms at an elevation of 4,280 m / 14,040 ft. (B/BL/D)

Day 8-9: Salar de Surire - Oasis Pica - former saltpeter mine Humberstone – San Pedro de Atacama

Day 8 
Today you drive to the Salar de Surire. The Salar (salt lake) is part of the Nature Preserve Las Vicunas. Las Vicunas is not just superbly located – it presents an absolutely rich wildlife: Vicunas, lamas, alpacas, ñandus and flamingos call this paradise home. The thermal springs of Polloquere (elevation 4,200 m / 13,780 ft) will invite you for a relaxing bath. In the afternoon you leave the Chilean Andes Highlands. The road trip takes you through the highly diversified landscape with its unique fauna so that the drive will offer you an unforgettable natural spectacle.

Along the way, marvel at one of the largest archaeological representations of a human being, the Atacama Giant, and visit the famous church of the pilgrimage site of La Tirana. You will then reach the oasis Pica, famous for its limes. This cozy little village offers the ideal spots to relax from the long transfer: The soothing natural springs called “cochas” will invite you. Overnight: Hotel in Pica (or nearby „El Huarango - Eco Retreat“) in double room with private bathroom at an elevation of 1,100 m (3,600 ft). (B/BL/-)

Day 9 
In the morning you visit the former saltpeter mine Humberstone. Afterwards you drive through the amazing Pampa del Tamarugal, passing former saltpeter mines and salt pans. In the late afternoon you will reach San Pedro de Atacama. On an elevation of 2,400 m (7,870 ft), the little town that has never lost a certain hippie-flair welcomes you with a variety of restaurants and bars. Relaxing from the long transfer day, enjoy the sunset in Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley). The sunsets play of colors is absolutely breathtaking. Overnight: Hotel „La Casa de Don Tomas“ (or similar) in San Pedro de Atacama in double room with private bathroom. (B/-/-)

Day 10-11: Valle de la Muerte & de la Luna – Salar de Atacama - Ascent of Cerro Toco (5,604 m)

Day 10
Today, hike through the sparkling and twinkling Cordillera del Sal (Salt Cordillera) to the Valle de la Muerte (Death Valley) and the Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley, elevation 2,600 m / 8,530 ft). After a lunch break in San Pedro de Atacama you spend the afternoon at the Chaxa Lagoon, an extraordinary pool of water in the middle of the salt desert, and observe the many different flamingo species that call this desert zone home. The sunset will give the scene surrounded by volcanoes a purple glow when you head back to San Pedro de Atacama. Walking time: approx. 3 hours. Overnight: Hotel „La Casa de Don Tomas“ (or similar) in San Pedro de Atacama. (B/-/-)

Day 11
Today, climb the extinct Volcano Cerro Toco (5,604 m / 18,390 ft). From its top, you have a stunning panoramic view on the bizarre desert world surrounding the summit. Elevation gain of approx. 400m ascent/descent; walking time approx. 4 hours. Overnight: Hotel „La Casa de Don Tomas“ (or similar) in San Pedro de Atacama. (B/-/-)

Day 12-13: Geyser "El Tatio" – Guatin Canyon – Drop off Calama

Day 12
Early in the morning, you visit the Geyser “El Tatio”, at an elevation of 4,330 m (14,200 ft). To experience the sunrise there is simply fantastic: the scenery with its hissing geysers dipped in all shades of red will leave you speechless. Afterwards a short hike will lead you through the Guatin-Canyon (Quebrada de Guatin) where you get to know the typical flora of the usually absolutely dry Atacama Desert. You will find all kinds of cactuses, among them the flamboyant Cola de Zorro. Then it's back to the desert oasis of San Pedro de Atacama.

In the afternoon, you have some time on your on own for optional excursions (e.g. horseback riding, sand boarding or bathing in Laguna Cejar) or to relax.

Overnight: Hotel „La Casa de Don Tomas“ (or similar) in San Pedro de Atacama. (B/-/-)

Day 13
Private Transfer to the Airport of Calama. (B/-/-)


  • Accommodation: 11 nights in hotel or guesthouse in double room with private bathroom and 1 night in Refugio in shared bedrooms and shared bathrooms
  • Meals: 12 x breakfast, 2 x box lunch, 2 x dinner
  • Local English/Spanish speaking certified trekking guide (WFR)
  • Transport: all private transfers as per the detailed itinerary
  • Airport pick up & drop off 
  • Emergency equipment: including a first-aid kit and VHF-equipment / satellite phone
  • Permit for the ascents of 5,000 m / 16,400 ft mountains
  • All entry fees as per the detailed itinerary


  • Single supplement: extra charge p.p. $590 USD 
  • Not appointed meals and beverages on the itinerary
  • Optional trips, e.g. boat ride on day 2
  • Tips/gratuity
  • Local payments
  • International and domestic airfare and airport charges
  • Travel insurance is not included in this tour. Travel insurance is mandatory and must be purchased prior to the start of the trip.


14.10.2024 - 26.10.2024
from 4.390 USD
24.03.2025 - 05.04.2025
from 4.390 USD
13.10.2025 - 25.10.2025
from 4.390 USD
23.03.2026 - 04.04.2026
from 4.390 USD



  • Best season: from March to October.
  • This trip is guaranteed with a minimum of 6 people and has a maximum group size of 8 people.
  • The offered departure dates include the possibility of booking other people.


Day tours that will challenge you moderately. Differences in elevation but also in temperature will be the most challenging part. This hiking trip brings you into regions without a developed infrastructure and you spend days without any contact with civilization. Therefore, good physical fitness and team spirit are necessary requirements for this tour. Higher elevations should not create problems for you.



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