• Hiking in the Atacama Desert

  • Trekking in the Atacama Desert, Guatin Canyon

Atamaca Desert

The driest desert in the world

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The Atacama Desert

...is the driest desert in the world and covers the regions from the border with Peru to the north to the city of Copiapo to the south. In the east the natural border are the Andes and to the west the Pacific Ocean.

This unique geographic combination is responsible for the early morning fog that covers much of the desert landscape.


Salt lakes (Salar), steaming geysers and a diverse fauna can be found in this surreal and arid place.

Come with us

...on an unforgettable journey through ethereal landscapes that, in places such as Los Flamencos National Reserves’ aptly named Valle de la Luna, look like they belong on another planet. Hike past bubbling geysers and visit charming settlements like laid-back San Pedro De Atacama.


When it comes to sheer diversity of scenery, the Atacama Desert is simply unbeatable.