• Camp at Salar de Surire, Chilean Andes, Altiplano

  • Mules on the way to Base Camp Volcano Parinacota

  • Vicunas, Salar de Surire

  • Camp near by Volcano Parinacota, Altiplano

  • Summit Volcano Guallatiri

  • Volcanoes Parinacota and Pomerape in the Chilean Andes, Altiplano

Volcano Climbing in the Chilean Andes

Guallatiri (6,030m) & Parinacota (6,342m)

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15 days from/to Arica

  • 6 days trekking
  • 2 x 6000m summits
  • 7 nights expedition tent
  • 7 nights guesthouse
  • 14x breakfast
  • 12x box lunch
  • 9x dinner

from 4.290 GBP


  1. Seaport of Arica & authentic Andean village Putre
  2. Enjoy the typical meal of the indigenous, alpaca meat and quinoa
  3. Admire the world's highest volcano lake, Lago Chungará & local wildlife: Alpakas, Vicuñas & Flamingos
  4. Salt lake Salar de Surire & Cerro Chihuana (5,279m)
  5. Eastern cumbre of Volcano Guallatiri (6,063m)
  6. Volcano Parinacota (6,342m)















No doubt - the Altiplano highlands in Northern Chile rank among the most adventurous trekking destinations for hiking fans on the South American continent. Impressive volcanoes - most of them 6.000m high, glistening Salares and the driest desert on this planet define the Altiplano highlands and make them unique.   

Join us on this unforgettable mountain expedition and experience the most interesting contrasts between the barren and dry Atacama desert and the fruitful and green Azapa- and Lluta-Valleys. During our acclimation tours through the Altiplano you can marvel at the local fauna: Flamingos, alpacas, and vicuñas call the Altiplano their home. Immerse into the world of the Aymara-Indians and follow the historical Ruta de La Plata – a route that once connected Potosi in Bolivia with the Chilean seaport Arica.   

From a technical point of view, climbing the 6.000m summits chosen does not really create difficulties.


  • The group size for this trip has a minimum of 8 people and a maximum of 12
  • Departure dates: on request
  • Best season: from April to September


This tour is an expedition for all experienced trekkers who are willing to spend time in remote regions without infrastructure and contact to the outer civilization. Every participant has to be in very good physical shape and of excellent health. We assume that you are able to act independently in the mountains, using crampons on ice and snow. However, extreme weather conditions, natural disasters or even arbitrariness of local authorities can make it impossible to complete or follow a tour as described in the tour program. Therefore, the given description of the tour is regarded as a flexible guideline and you can be assured that it is our utmost intention to realize the program as planned. Team spirit, tolerance and compromising towards the guide and other participants are very significant elements of a successful expedition. Participants take part in these tours under their own risk and responsibility.


Day 1-3: Seaport Arica – Chinchorro mummies – Putre

Day 1
We pick you up from the airport in Arica and bring you directly to your hotel where you have some time to refresh and relax or probably even for a first stroll through the little seaport. Later on we will gather for a first briefing and a welcome dinner together with our local team. Overnight: Hotel in Arica. (-/-/D)
Day 2
Today, we will travel through the Azapa-Valley to visit the Azapa Museum in San Miguel. Here you can see mummies and relics of the Chinchorro culture that are more than 7,000 years old. Later on, we will head for the idyllically situated Andes-village Putre on an elevation of 3,500m/11,480ft. On our way to Putre we will stop at Purcara de Copaquilla. In the afternoon we will go for a 1-hour hike in direction the Andes-settlement Socoroma. 350m descent; approx. 1 hour. Overnight: Hotel in Putre. (B/LP/-)
Day 3
Our hike today will show us Putres surrounding area (elev. 3,500m/11,480ft): The breathtaking landscape, Vilacaurani’s ’Pinturas Rupestres’ and finally Quebrada Rio Lluta. We will see alpacas and lamas and get to know the typical flora of the region. Our well-deserved dinner tonight will be a feast – with alpaca-meets and Queñoa. 600m ascent/descent; 6-7 hours. Overnight: Hotel in Putre (B/LP/-)

Day 4-6: Acclimation-Treks – Thermal springs of Jurasi – Volcano Taapaca - Salar de Surire

Day 4
After breakfast, we start our hike to Nevados de Putre, aiming an elevation of 4,250m/13,940ft. After this 5-hours trekking tour through the breathtaking Altiplano scenery we all deserve some time to relax. In the late afternoon we bring you to the thermal springs of Termas de Jurasi (elev. 4,100m/13,450ft) where you can relax and regain some energy. 750m ascent; approx. 5 hours. Overnight: Hotel in Putre (B/LP/-)
Day 5
Our trekking tour today starts at an elevation of 4,250m/13,940ft right at the foot of the Taapaca volcano. After having mastered an elevation of 750m we will have reached the 5,000m elevation-mark for the first time. The view from here, down onto the vast Altiplano highlands leaves you speechless! After a refreshing bath in the thermal springs we will hike back down to Putre. 750m ascent/descent; approx. 6 hours. Overnight: Hotel in Putre. (B/LP/-)

Day 6
After yesterdays long hike we deserve a more relaxed day. We will go to the Salar de Surire where we will set up our tents for the next two nights. On our way there we visit the natural preserve Las Vicuñas. Las Vicuñas’ unique flora and fauna will leave you speechless: Vicuñas, llamas, alpacas, ñandus and flamingos call this beautiful spot their home. After a short hike on an elevation of 4,200m/13,780ft we will unwind the day in the most relaxing way: soaking in the thermal springs Termales de Polloquere. Overnight: in our tents on 4,200m/13,780ft. (B/LP/D)

Day 7-9: Thermal springs Polloquere – Ascension of Cerro Chihuana (5,279m) & Volcano Guallatiri (6,030m)

Day 7
Today, we will climb the Cerro Chihuana (5,279m/17,315ft). From its top you have a stunning panoramic view on the whole Salar de Surire. After this marvelous trekking tour that serves us as an acclimation tour we go back to our camp. The late afternoon brings us another relaxing bath in the hot thermal springs of Polloquere. 880m ascent/descent; 5-6 hours. Overnight stay in our tents on 4,200m/13,780ft. (B/LP/D)

Day 8
After breakfast we head for Guallatiri. At the foot of the Quimsachata Mountains we will set up our base camp that serves us for next days’ ascent of the volcano Guallatiri. We will use the afternoon to check our equipment and pack our backpacks for the next day. A super-delicious pasta for dinner will strengthen us for tomorrows’ climbing tour. Overnight stay in our tents on 5,100m/16,730ft. (B/LP/D)
Day 9
No doubt - the ascent of the east summit of the Guallatiri Volcano (6,030m/19,890ft) is the first mountaineering highlight of this trekking tour. Even before the sun comes up to dip the white summits surrounding us into the warmest shade of red we start our ascent. After approx. 6-7 hours and +930m in elevation we will finally reach the smoking summit. The breathtaking view and an enormous happiness will erase the memories of the climbing’s stresses and strains. After our descent we will return to our base camp on 5,100m/16,730ft and stay there overnight. 930m ascent/descent; 9-11 hours. (B/LP/D)

Day 10-12: Lago Chungará – Putre – Andendorf Parinacota

Day 10
Passing by the thermal springs of Chiriguaylla, we will visit the famous Lauca National Park – a UNESCO-biosphere reserve that was founded back in 1970. We will hike along Lago Chungara (4,570m/14,990ft) that is the one of the highest lakes in the world. The Payachatas (twin-volcanoes) Parinacota (6,342m/20,800ft) and Pomerape (6,282m/20,470ft) reflect miraculously on the water of Lago Chungara. On our tour we will visit the little Andes church Parinacota; its beautiful frescos of the 18th century are famous even outside Chileans borders. We will stay overnight in a hotel in Putre. (B/LP/-)
Day 11
Today, we drive you to the charming Altiplano-village Caquena. From there we drive through the bofedal surrounding Caquena marveling at Alpaca and Llama-herds. We will reach our base camp in the Rinconada sector. Overnight stay in tents on 4,500m/14,760ft. (B/LP/D)
Day 12
Over fine sandy soil of volcanic source, we hike 4 to 5 hours to our camp 1 on an elevation of 5,180m/16,990ft. We will talk about next day’s ascent and strengthen ourselves with a rich dinner. Early nights sleep will give us enough energy for our tour tomorrow. 680m ascent; 4-5 hours. Overnight stay in our tents on 5,180m/16,990ft. (B/LP/D

Day 13-15: Ascension of Volcano Parinacota (6,342m) - Putre - Seaport Arica

Day 13
Before the sun comes up to give the grey mountain world some color, we start our ascent. Head-lamps will help us to find the path while the icy mountain air will wipe last traces of fatigue out of our faces. Slowly we will work our way over fine sandy soil of volcanic source and all sorts of rock, passing by awkward “penitentes” until we finally reach the summit of the Parinacota that has an almost perfect picture book volcano shape. The view from up here leaves you speechless! The grand view on the bizarre landscape of the Altiplano with its Salares and lakes will compensate you for the strenuous ascent. 1,160m ascent/descent; 12-14 hours. Overnight: in our tents in camp 1.  (B/LP/D)
Day 14
After our descent from camp 1 we are driving back to Putre. At night, we will meet for a farewell dinner with the local guide team. Here you can once again share wonderful memories with your fellow travelers and guides. However, it will take a few days to really assimilate what you have seen and experienced on this unique mountain journey.. Overnight: Hotel in Putre. (B/-/D)
Day 15
Private transfer to the airport of Arica. (B/-/-) 

Optional extension:

Ascension of Volcano Sajama (6,542m), the highest mountain of Bolivia. 


  • Accommodation: 7 nights in expedition-tents and 7 nights in guesthouse in double room with private bathroom
  • Meals: 14 x breakfast; 12 box lunch, 9 x dinner
  • Guide: local bilingual English/Spanish speaking certified mountain guides (WFR)
  • Local team of cooks and drivers
  • Tent for cooking and eating 
  • Mules and porters for the transport of luggage
  • Transport: all transfers in small busses or in 4x4 pick-ups/Jeeps
  • Emergency equipment: including a first-aid kit and VHF-equipment / satellite phone
  • Entry Fees/Admission and : to all National Parks, museums, thermal springs
  • DIFROL-Permits


  • Not appointed meals and beverages
  • Optional trips
  • Tips/gratuity
  • Local payments
  • International and domestic airfare and airport charges
  • Excess luggage fees
  • Personal mountaineering equipment
  • Travel insurance is not included in this tour. Travel insurance is mandatory and must be purchased prior to the start of the trip.


15.04.2025 - 01.10.2025
on request
from 4.290 GBP



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