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Our Leave No Trace Principles

Sustainable & Responsible Tourism Practices

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MOSER Active follows sustainable tourism practices set forth by Leave No Trace, an international organization that has set the global standard for outdoor travel ethics, to ensure their tours and activities have minimal to no impact on the local environment. The company aims to increase guests’ awareness of Chile’s pure natural surroundings and the importance of respecting and preserving the country’s rich fauna and flora. Since its inception, MOSER Active has subscribed to the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace, encouraging their guests to leave no footprints and only take photos and lifelong memories with them. All MOSER Active guides have completed the Leave No Trace online course and operate excursions and tours under the following guidelines:

1. Plan Ahead and Prepare - Each one of our trips are well planned ahead of time and follow local rules and regulations and our guides are highly prepared to handle extreme weather, hazards and emergencies. We keep the size of our groups small and avoid visiting areas in times of high use and our itineraries mainly stay off the beaten track. As much as possible Moser Active only uses reusable water bottles and reusable dishes; transportation of food in resalable large packs, rather than in single packs to minimize trash.


2. Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces - Camping is on established trails and campsites, rock, gravel, dry grasses or snow, at least 200 feet from lakes and streams.


3. Dispose of Waste Properly - All trash is carried out of parks and remote areas, including bio-waste, cigarette buds and used toiled paper and hygiene products. Solid human waste is deposited in cat holes dug 6 to 8 inches deep, at least 200 feet from water, camp and trails, which are then covered when finished. All trip participants are asked to wash themselves, their clothes and dishes at least 200 feet away from streams and lakes using small amounts of biodegradable soap.


4. Leave What You Find - No plucking flowers, removing rocks, seashells, plants or other natural objects.


5. Minimize Campfire Impacts - Where campfires are permitted we keep fires small and only use local sticks and pieces of wood found on the ground. We burn all wood and coals, gather the ash and scatter cool ashes in proper areas.


6. Respect Wildlife - Guests can observe wildlife from a distance, no following, approaching, disturbing or feeding wildlife is allowed. Food and trash is carefully stored to protect wildlife and pets are not allowed on trips.


7. Be Considerate of Your Hosts and Other Visitors - MOSER Active is careful to respect local communities and residents as well as other visitors and protect their way and quality of life and experience. Our tours show respect to local people and their culture and help support their local way of life and livelihood.


MOSER Active strives to empower Chile’s remote communities by employing local guides and mountain porters and offering a competitive salary and benefits; far exceeding the national average. We support small businesses by using privately owned and run lodges as well as small operators for activities such as horseback riding and kayaking; eating in small local restaurants and contracting local caterers to prepare the food we carry on our tours. We encourage our guests to contribute to the local economy through the purchase of arts and crafts and other services.